IMPORTANT INFO: Kristy will never reach out to you on any social media platforms, soliciting for readings or money. Her social media accounts are listed above, and she does not have back up social media accounts. She will never attempt to chat with you via any app. The only way to schedule a session is through this website. Please do not be frauded.

Meet Kristy

An Abnormally Normal Psychic Medium,

Soul Coach, and Author

Yes, I see and talk to Dead People, but I really dislike calling them dead. Our loved ones on the Other Side are often living better than most of us in this earthly plane.

For over two decades I've been able to use my gift to bring healing, hope, and clarity to thousands of people around the world, sharing insight, wisdom, and ethereal understanding.

I've seen spirits since I was 3 years old, but it took some long and broken paths in life before I realized this was my purpose. I believe everyone has the ability to connect with the other side, but life and grief has a way of hitting the mute button. I act as the soul coach to help bridge the connections. No crystal ball or magic wand needed. 


It's HERE! I am so excited to be sharing this new book with you. If you've ever felt alone, or misunderstood, I hope this will be your handbook for healing.

Remembering my smile so that I can smile

2022 Halloween Events


Sought out by corporations, celebrities, professional athletes, and YOU!

Since she was a child, Psychic Medium Kristy Robinett

has applied her gift to heal hearts and bring clarity to confusion.

Help with Direction

Help with Grief

Help with Healing

Setting Goals

Making Connections

The Journey to Healing Begins Today.

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“I walked out of Kristy's office with clear guidance for all parts of my life.”

- Matthew

“Kristy offers amazing and clear connections to your loved one's on the other side.”

- Samantha

"After years of guilt, depression, and therapy, I finally feel like I've found the healing I need."

- Ben

You are here for a reason.

There will always be people who throw water on your fire. I help to remind you of your fire, to believe in the impossible, and show that you are limitless. Your past doesn’t have to stop your future. Your grief doesn’t have to restrict you from living. Your loved one’s on the Other Side are living their best life and they want you to do the same.



My hope is to help you make clear and informed decisions, but the ultimate choice is up to you for it is only you that can work miracles in your own life! You hold the magic wand, I am just the friend who shows you how to use it. 


With the use of my Guides and your Guides, along with my gift of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and empathy, I am here to help clear the cobwebs of confusion.  At some point in everyone's life, direction is needed. I hope that you will trust that I can be that beacon.



  • Kristy does NOT record any session as her attention must be towards the session and not seeing if the taping is working (often the energy disturbs recordings), but you are most welcome to bring your own recording devices or take notes.


It is recommended that you arrive 10 minutes before your appointment, use the rest room, get comfortable and take a few deep breathes from driving in traffic - that would be helpful to keep Kristy on schedule and to keep your energy open for your reading.


  • There are no refunds once your appointment is made and paid for. 

  • No refunds or re-schedules will be allowed for skipped or missed appointments.

  • If you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, it will be noted as 'missed' and your appointment will not be rescheduled or refunded.

  • You may re-schedule your appointment as I understand that emergencies happen, however I appreciate ample time and no less than 48 hours, or else you forfeit your appointment.

  • Only ONE re-schedule is allowed. Unfortunately the re-schedules have to be filled into the next available appointment as the schedule is set.  


Please understand that this policy is in place to allow Kristy the ability to see as many clients as she can.

By Appointment ONLY

6960 Orchard Lake Rd

Suite 302

West Bloomfield, MI 48322


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