Meet Kristy


Psychic Medium * Author * Soul Coach

I've used my unique gift of psychic mediumship since childhood. Whether it's to connect those that have lost loved ones or to assist in getting your life back on track, I'm here to help with direction, in nothing but a positive light. My ability to use several of my gifts helps me give variance to my clients. 

I grew up in a religious household (Missouri Synod Lutheran) and attended parochial school from K-12. Seeing spirits from the tender age of 3 was difficult. I was taught in school, church, and home that what I was seeing, feeling, hearing, and sensing was wrong. I fought with the rationale, my sanity and my religion. I went to college. I had a great job, but I wasn't feeling fulfilled. It was like I was hiding my true self. I decided to consult my conservative Missouri Lutheran minister, the same one who was preaching that everything I was experiencing was wrong. And then I ended up giving him my first true reading, and he told me if I was born a musician and never played that I was doing a disservice to my gift. He felt the same way about my ability to bridge the worlds to help others. 

We all have free will to choose which road of the future to take. Please do not let your life be ruled by any reading. What I see happening today can be changed by you. My goal is to help liberate that free choice so that you can choose and set out to achieve the most positive future. My readings help clear the fog. Things happen in life that sometimes cause us to become confused or to feel lost. Losing faith is one of the saddest moments of one's life (I've been there before myself. I know.). It makes us run in circles, mistaking motion as positive activity, yet it only creates more chaos and stress.   


My hope is to help you make clear and informed decisions, but the ultimate choice is up to you for it is only you that can work miracles in your own life! You hold the magic wand, I am just the friend who shows you how to use it. 

With the use of my Guides and your Guides, along with my gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and empathy, I am here to help clear the cobwebs of confusion.  At some point in everyone's life, direction is needed. I hope that you will trust I can be that beacon. 

Nothing in life is random, including you reading this right now.