Since she was a child, Kristy Robinett has applied her gift to heal hearts and bring clarity to confusion. In addition to giving readings and teaching workshops, she uses her intuitive skills to assist with police investigations. Kristy lectures across the country and has appeared on Fox News, ABC News, Coast to Coast and hundreds of other media outlets. She is also the author of a dozen books and is sought out by many celebrities and professional athletes for being abnormally normal.


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My hope is to help you make clear and informed decisions, but the ultimate choice is up to you for it is only you that can work miracles in your own life! You hold the magic wand, I am just the friend who shows you how to use it. 


With the use of my Guides and your Guides, along with my gift of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and empathy, I am here to help clear the cobwebs of confusion.  At some point in everyone's life, direction is needed. I hope that you will trust that I can be that beacon.



  • Kristy does NOT record any session as her attention must be towards the session and not seeing if the taping is working (often the energy disturbs recordings), but you are most welcome to bring your own recording devices or take notes.


It is recommended that you arrive 10 minutes before your appointment, use the rest room, get comfortable and take a few deep breathes from driving in traffic - that would be helpful to keep Kristy on schedule and to keep your energy open for your reading.


  • There are no refunds once your appointment is made and paid for. 

  • No refunds or re-schedules will be allowed for skipped or missed appointments.

  • If you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, it will be noted as 'missed' and your appointment will not be rescheduled or refunded.

  • You may re-schedule your appointment as I understand that emergencies happen, however I appreciate ample time and no less than 48 hours, or else you forfeit your appointment.

  • Only ONE re-schedule is allowed. Unfortunately the re-schedules have to be filled into the next available appointment as the schedule is set.  


Please understand that this policy is in place to allow Kristy the ability to see as many clients as she can.


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To read more about my life, Messenger Between Worlds and Forevermore gives you an in depth look. 

I grew up in a religious household (Missouri Synod Lutheran) and attended parochial school from K-12. Seeing spirits from the tender age of 3 was difficult. I was taught in school, church, and home that what I was seeing, feeling, hearing, and sensing was wrong. I fought with the rationale, my sanity and my religion and it wasn't until I was in my late 20's when I decided to consult my minister.

As I sat down across from the man of the cloth. His eyes looked into mine with wonder. I was the good girl of the school and the church, a good student, active in youth groups, the choir, the band, drama, varsity sports - an All American Girl - so the reason why I was sitting across from him wringing my hands profusely confused him. Not knowing how to begin, I merely blurted out my confession. I see ghosts. I see angels. I see spirits. And they communicate with me.  My minister looked at me without expression and asked me to explain more in depth to the degree of communication. At that moment his son came through. A son I never knew he even had. A son nobody in the parish knew he had and who he had lost. Tears shone in his eyes and he hugged me, giving me his blessing to pursue the work he believed I was given by God. It sounds oh so simple. I was given a blessing therefore go forth and do. But my programming from childhood wasn't easy to break. I continued to consult with him and he would counsel me, sometimes in return I would counsel him. He told me that it wouldn't be easy, me being who I was, but that if it were easy everybody would do it. He also cautioned me on the types of people who would try to ridicule me, play theology Jeopardy with me and mock me. After all, what isn't seen or understood is often feared. 

Becoming comfortable with my gift has taken an awful long time. Everybody has the ability to "see", you just have to open yourself to it. Being psychic is not a super power nor does it make anybody extra special. 


I am a wife to a wonderful man (Chuck) who accepts me for who I am, mother of two of the best young adults anyone could ask for and friend to two of the best step-daughters. Our life resembles a sitcom. Don't believe me, check out my Facebook. In 2017 we moved to our dream home with a big front porch, surrounded by wildlife, ponds, lakes, and woods.  I love gardening, baking, cooking, reading and writing. I am your everyday empty-nester mom, and even as adults they really can't get away with anything. 

Nothing in life is random, including you reading this right now.

Meet The Team


Mary is an artist, writer, photographer and aspiring cook. She began crafting and cooking at the age of 9 and has not stopped for 41 years. Several of her works of arts are award winners and have been published in various magazines. Mary has been planning retreats and gatherings for over 15 years and has been Kristy's assistant for years. She's patient, fun, and truly helpful - so PLEASE be nice to her. 


Yes, he really does have purple hair. Chuck is Kristy's husband, but also her event assistant. He's got a flair for design and style, thanks to being surrounded for years by a lot of estrogen. Chuck is the King of Useless knowledge, especially when it comes to music and sports. He loves Batman and cats (and sometimes the dogs and rabbits too). 

You are here for a reason.